Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Internet Scavenger Hunt... From Hell!

Here's some awful parody ideas for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory meets...

Star Wars: Charlie is Luke, Willy Wonka is Vader
Lord of the Rings: Charlie is Frodo, Willy Wonka is Sauron
The Matrix: Charlie is Neo, Willy Wonka is Agent Smith

Ouch. My soul hurts.

Problem is, I'm reasonably sure that someone must have done something like this already. I'm too defeated by the mere fact that these thoughts passed through my brain to search myself, but if YOU can find 'em... I'll give you two free tix to BOOM this weekend. How about that?

They don't have to be exactly as I said, but they do have to be Charlie meets Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and The Matrix. Find all three, I'll be your best friend this Saturday.


Cory_Nealy said...

It's not one of the parodies you listed, but this must count for something...right?