Wednesday, July 13, 2005


This probably belongs in the comments section on Chris' post below, but...

There's a breakfast cereal restaurant. For reals.

You can go there, order whatever cereal you like, whatever milk you like, and whatever toppings you like. And then they charge you money for it.

I'm all in favor of speciality stores, but there's a big difference between selling a home-made product, and someone else's breakfast ceral.

Anyway, I assume we'll be making a road trip to Philly sometime soon.


christopher said...

FUCK YOU! This was my idea! Not one week ago, I was trying to convince my roommate that a pseudo-gourmet cereal restaurant could totally work, but he didn't buy it.

Dad said...

Not me! i would've thought that was a great idea Chris. they could have different sized spoons to eat with too. I really hate eating my cereal with a teaspoon, but sometimes a big spoon is just too much.

christopher said...

You're right. Turns out, it was my buddy Andy who thought it was a stupid idea. Sorry.

What a ferocious idiot I am.