Friday, July 29, 2005


So the name Larry has been coming up in New York a lot lately, specifically because of the New York Knick's new head coach, Larry Brown.

In case you hadn't realized, the name "Larry" has a prominent role in this comedy group as well...Stefan's last name is Lawrence, which can be shortened to Larry. And also it's in our group name.

I think it only fitting that we unite these two New York powerhouse Larries. I want Larry Brown to be the next head coach of Elephant Larry.

-both named Larry, like I said.
-we are five people and he is used to coaching five people at a time.
-he's probably taller than us, which would make him feel better.
-Larry Brown is used to bouncing around from job to job. One day as Knicks head coach is probably QUITE enough for him, thank you very much!
-we can finally win the Championship!

Admittedly, there are cons. They are:
-we don't play basketball.
-Larry Brown is used to bouncing around from job to job. Meaning he may leave us for MEAT or Flaming Box of Stuff or something and lead them to the Championship.
-we just made a trade for Allen Iverson, whom Larry Brown had some problems coaching. (We gave the Sixers Chris and some money to get this done).
-we cannot offer 5 years, $50 million. How about...$100...UP FRONT. How's that sound? Ka-ching!

Whattya say Larry Brown? You can e-mail me at with your response.

Sorry this had nothing to do with pigs.


Anonymous said...

we don't want him. he's a fag.

FBoS Mgmt

Alex said...

Here's a picture of a guy named Larry kissing a pig.

Now your post is about pigs!

PS Please, no awful jokes about "I can't believe they got that pig into a cheerleader's uniform." That's insulting, and I won't have it.

Geoffrey said...

Wow! It's easy to write posts about pigs!

Chris S. said...

Can't wait to see A.I. sport a purple wig for the revised International Date Line skit.