Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My Day So Far

Prepare yourselves for the most blog-like blogpost in Elephant Larry's Group Blog history!

-sleeping is good. Went to sleep at 12:30, probably the earliest I've gotten to sleep in months. I feel amazing today! Hooray!

-Spoon is good. Grabbed "Gimme Fiction" on the way back from Pittsburgh. I gotta tell ya, it's hard to find a Sam Goody on Route 80, but I did it, baby. Anyway, it's been in my CD player since. Which is only three days mind you, but I've listened to it a lot.

-this doesn't seem good. Though it's totally refreshing to see people talk so unpolitically. From Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe: "Just because something is in our inventory doesn't mean it's worth taking care of." He might not be right, but ya gotta respect that kinda gumption!

-I think I'm gonna use one of my FREE MOVIE TICKETS to see a ridiculous blockbuster later today. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" or "War of the Worlds"? We shall see...