Thursday, July 07, 2005


The great thing about NetFlix is that it gives me a chance to catch up on my classic movie-watching. Sitting at a computer provides distance from the process and allows me to pick movies that are good for me. Because for some reason when I'm in a video store pressed to make a decision I usually go straight to the "Recent Arrival" section, or whatever it's called and the next thing ya know, boom. "Phone Booth". Don't get me wrong, "Phone Booth" is my favorite movie. But it's still not as good as "Rocky."

Rocky's great! Yeah it's been parodied a million times and yeah that montage sequence before the fight is RIDICULOUS, but it's actually a very good. Sylverster Stallone is actually good, the lady who played Adrian was really good (and reminds me scarily of my co-worker who had plastic surgery done) and Carl Weathers was hilarious and great! Which all adds up to a really good movie. One might even say it was the BEST movie. Of 1976.

So there you are. I have now told you that a good movie is good, 29 years after the fact. You can go about the rest of your day now.


Chris S. said...

In a related story, the wheel is an excellent invention.

(Yes, I'm a jerk. I've been working at Stefan's Goddamn Flooring Company too long.)