Monday, August 01, 2005


Welcome to the only month with no holidays everyone! Make sure you take those vacation days!!!1

Clearly I've had my morning coffee!!!


christopher said...


Alex said...

But, Pig Day is... Oh, that was LAST month.

Geoffrey said...

Oh man. I can't decide what I'm happier about. That today is Friendship Day or that today is National Raspberry Cream Pie Day.

I'm gonna look for some more information on pies.

christopher said...

Good idea, Geoff.

Many people would agree that making a good homeade pie takes a lot of time and energy--not to mention practice!

Do you know of any mouth-watering sites where I can find an easy recipe for my favorite pie?

mjs said...

i am so excited for middle child day on the 12th! finally! we can celebrate our syndrome together! all of you older/younger siblings will be SHUNNED!