Thursday, August 04, 2005

Celeb G-Sip Daily

Hey, maybe I'll write a daily celebrity gossip post on this blog, and then quickly abandon it like my other daily endeavors.

ITEM! Michelle Branch Has baby! I had no idea of the following things:

- Michelle Branch was pregnant.
- Michelle Branch was married.
- Michelle Branch wasn't 14 years old.

It made the story all the more surprising. On a related note, I really miss her faux-thentic take on girly guitar rock.


mary said...

being a fan of michelle branch, i guess i have to say congratulations; but really i'm not too happy about it. her baby's daddy is like 40! and how can she be all angst-y now that she's a mom?! Owen is a boy's name! and have you heard her side project, The Wreckers?! i know i haven't...