Wednesday, August 17, 2005


ITEM! Dial Zzzzzzzzzzz for zombie! Apparently Tristan Haggerty's love of all things zombie is catching up with him! In the past week he's had not zero, not one but TWO separate zombie dreams. The contents? Battling "rocker" zombies with his friend Chris (Osko to those in the know!) and leaving a mall when he knew there were tons of zombies outside? Watch "Dawn of the Dead" much Tristan (We're just kidding, we know he does!)?

ITEM! Alex and a certain dream gossip columnist HAD AT IT with a no-holds-barred argument into the inner-workings of dreams. Your intrepid reporter believes dreams mean nothing at all. "Oh really?!" said Mr. Zalben! "I think that they do!" Stefan agreed with Alex. THIS reporter believes he overstated his case a bit.


WHICH member of Elephant Larry dreamed of proposing to another member of Elephant Larry, then playing it off like he was kidding when he was summarily rejected?

WHAT member of Elephant Larry has really boring dreams about furniture?

WHO in Elephant Larry doesn't remember his dreams because he doesn't believe in them?

Only in your brains, kids, only in your brains!


Alex said...

Brian? Is this true? Are we only in you? Come on, McMorrow, I know you have an answer to this.

-Alex "Most common misspelling of brain" Zalben

Chris S. said...

QUICK HITS guesses:

WHICH: Geoff snubbed by Chris?
WHAT: Chris, followed by an exhaustive blog entry about chaise lounges?
WHO: Alex/Brian?

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