Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Guess Whose Hand I Shook At The SI Ferry Terminal Yesterday?

Gifford Miller's hand!

I thought I had missed my chance to shake his hand when I saw a picture of him at the Ferry Terminal a few weeks ago. But there he was again, glad-handing potential voters, including yours truly!

I gotta say, I sympathized with him. The look in his eyes when he shook my hand reminded me of my feelings whenever I hand out an Elephant Larry flier to a stranger: "Great. There is a 2% chance that that person will come to our show/vote for me, if that. Oh well. Hand out 49 more postcards/Shake 49 more hands and ya got yourself an audience member/voter!"

Case in point: I'm still voting for this guy.

Note: Geoff's views do not necessarily represent the views of Elephant Larry's Group Blog.


j said...

I talked with, shook hands with, and listened to the Blues with Anthony Weiner. Also he looks young. He stayed for the fireworks. He's got my vote, I think.