Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Does It Get Any Safer Than Linking To The Onion?

No, it doesn't. But please read this immediately. I don't want to get your expectations up or anything, but I couldn't stop laughing throughout. OK, I hyped it. Sue me.

Hey, You Got Something To Eat?


Ted said...

Geoff, where were you when we did our holiday show a few years back? Imagine, almost verbatim, that article, but from a puppy. Then imagine that puppy trying to forecast the weather while trying to get that same point across. Then imagine Jordi dressed in a horrible giant puppy costume, holding a dog dish. Then top that off with Jordi doing a cute slow deep dumb voice while doing it. Man o man, would you have laughed. It made me laugh so hard, I married her.

Alex said...

Not if I marry her first!

Oh, wait.

Anonymous said...

Aw you guys...

If I do The Weather Puppy on your local cable access - will you forgive me about my comments from the other day regarding New Orleans? I seriously didn't know it was going to be this devestating. No one has said anything to me, but I feel bleacch all the same about my unfunny.

Anon-you know who.

PS - Is there an article out there about owls wearing graduation caps? If not - that's my next trick.