Monday, August 08, 2005

I Am Walking With A Spring In My Step!

What a great couple of days these have been!

-I went to see the new ballpark in Philadelphia with my brother Patrick yesterday! It was beautiful!

-Even though my Dad's ears are clogged, we still talked about how we liked Sufjan Stevens!

-I read "Metamorphosis" by Kafka! It was great!

-I delivered a presentation that went very well this morning!

-I ate three sandwiches for free!

-My landlord agreed to not cash my rent check until Friday, meaning I have money now!

-A girl asked me to make a bed with her! Actually MAKE a bed!

-I talked with two friends and agreed that I should come to San Diego and Seattle! It was confirmed that these trips will be awesome!

-I said hello to another friend!

-I bought plane tickets to San Diego and Seattle!

-The Padres are playing at home when I go to San Diego, even though I thought they weren't! I'm going to see them play!


PS Entry #3 is easily the least appropriate sentence to be enthusiastic about!


Anonymous said...

Happy days are here again!

Alex said...

You should tell that girl:

"Hey, you make it, you break it."

And then wink for like, a solid minute.