Monday, August 08, 2005


It occurred to me yesterday that the abbreviation "St." has three very commonly used meanings:

1) State
2) Street
3) Saint

So if you happened to get your college education at Saint Street State, you could just say you went to St. St. St.!

Or if you live on State Street, in St. Louis? That's St. St., St. Louis!

Or if get canonized and your name is Street State, you could be St. St. St.!

And if all three are true and you needed someone to send you a letter, you'd just have them address it to:

St. St. St.
St. St. St.
St., St. St. Louis, 63112

This is assuming of course that the college Saint Street State is in St. Louis and...all right, it assumes a lot of things.


Alex said...

Here's something freakin' crazy:

The numerical equivalent of StStSt? 63112.

Anonymous said...

If there was a god, this post would have 2 comments.

Alex said...

By the way, my comment above was a total lie.


Chris S. said...

Does said god want exactly 2 comments or at least 2 comments, apostlenymous?