Thursday, August 11, 2005

"Move This" By Technotronic (As Sung By A Caveman)

(Best sung out loud in caveman voice)

Yo, come move this!

Shake body
Shake body

People not you know, not you know it about time?
Not you hear jam pumpin’
While you taste piece mine
Many different flavor
Spice strong!
Get into hot stuff
Me pour little salt…

Baby me show you how do this
You got move this
You do fine!
There nothing to it
You got move this
Come move this
Shake body for


Can you feel mellow crawlin fast?
Come, baby
Rhythm blast
Pump. Pump. Pump. Up!
Nothin make this one stop!

You got move this
You got move this
YEAH! You got groove this and move this
Shake body for-

Toes tap
Finger snap
Hands wrap around rabbit
Talk about cold lap
Shut up! Do walk!
Use what you got show me
You on floor, let me see
No say nothing unless me saw
Remember, me like it raw!

You got move this
You got move this
Yeah yeah yeah
You got move this
Ugh ugh ugh ughn shake body for me

Young one let me show you how do this
You got move this, you do fine!
Not nothin to it you got move it
Move it shake body for me
Yo shake body for me.

Real lyrics here.


Chris S. said...

This is my second-favorite caveman rendition of a 90's rap classic, right behind Tag Team's "Whoomp! It there!"

christopher said...

Remarkably, this is also the same as the Russian version.

Remarkable, remarkable, remarkable.

Chris S. said...

The Russian caveman version, however, is completely different.