Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Portland Post-Mortem

According to dictionary.com, a post-mortem is "occurring or done after death." And for whatever reason, this festival totally killed everyone in it. Though fun as hell, I have never seen 48 tired-er sketch comedians than I did after this festival. Never.

To prove my hypothesis, here is a smattering of reactions I've compiled, from this here group blog, e-mails and other websites all over the internet (names omitted to protect the sleepy):

-I am a pile of lard.
-I was in bed at 7:45 sunday night and slept straight through....then felt dizzy all day at work.
-I feel like pudding wrapped in shit.
-I'll go and die of exhaustion.
-I'm so tired that I am going to sleep with my eyes open. (probably)

There are some more, but they are so context-specific as to be rendered incomprehensible upon editing.


ted said...

So, does that mean our festival "KILLED"?

Geoff. You've rubbed off on me. And it's gross.

I'm still having a tough time keeping my eyes open here at work. ROCK!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick at home today. The festival gave me scarlett fever, a flu and scurvy. But all in a good way.

Geoffrey said...

Well hey, Ted. That's about all I'm good for. RUBBING.

Get well Jordi, and everyone else involved in Best of the Best Sketchfest. Wake up soon!