Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Missing a Step

Anybody else have this experience at work?

A supervisor comes up to you, to explain a change of company policy. Except that, you had no idea of the previous policy, nor of the context in which this policy would be changing. Additionally, you mildly suspect that this may be a job they're shoving off onto you, but you don't know how you would go about implementing this change of policy, since, as mentioned, you have no idea of what it relates to.

For me, my reaction is always to nod my head and say, "I'll get right on it. Thanks for the info."


Anonymous said...


christopher said...

...but we're in a submarine!

brian said...

Yeah, this happens to me on like a weekly basis.

Anonymous said...

YES! But with PEOPLE...I'm a temp in a cave in the back of the office. I've been here for about three months and some people STILL have no idea who I am - and I still don't know anyone that works upstairs because I've been told to stay away from there - like it's the Beast's West Wing or something. Anyway - occasionally I'll get something like:

Boss: "*Chuck, *Cate, *Marie, *Eric and *Matt are all going to the Renton office next week, so *Eric's calls will now go to *Alena. *Simone will take *Chuck's and *Cate's calls - but all of *Matt's calls are to go to *Donna".

Me: "Sure!" (Who the fuck ARE these people?)

* = Names I picked from a phone list - I assume they work somewhere around here.