Thursday, August 25, 2005

Seen on the Maury Povich Show

[Big letters fly at screen saying, "UPDATES! Where are they now???" Woman is on screen talking to Maury]

Maury: They call him... What do they call him?
Woman: Disco Eddie?
Maury: Disco Eddie?
Woman: Yup.

[Very old, sweet looking man dressed in gold shirt and black pants hobbles out, crowd cheers. Disco music starts playing.

Man slowly, painfully begins to dance, but looks very happy. Crowd starts to clap in time.

Disco Eddie begins to take off his shirt. The crowd goes crazy as he whips it around his head.

Then, Disco Eddie talks off his tear-away pants. The crowd is going absolutely wild, screaming and cheering, out of their seats.

Disco Eddie turns around, and we see a woman yelling, "Oh, no! Oh no!" But oh yes, Disco Eddie pulls off his speedo underwear. The crowd goes absolutely batshit nuts.

Cut to large bouncy letters that say, "UPDATE!!!"

Cut to blurry screen with faded image of Disco Eddie, and sad music. Text says, "Disco Eddie passed away three months ago. He will be missed."]

Then we got a segment about skinny dudes dating fat ladies.


Anonymous said...

oh the humanity.

A Bat said...

Disco Eddie, humanity wears skivvies, at least. Batshit is called 'guano.'

Alex said...

My favorite part of this is:

"...he talks off his tear-away pants."

That's one powerful gift of persuasion.

-Alex "pointing out my own flaws so you don't have to" Zalben

Chris S. said...

Disco Eddie might have passed on, but another disco legend lives forever.