Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Godfather

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. I have just received, this very day, from good old, "The Godfather."

Soon, oh so soon, I will watch the movie that I've gotten the most incredulous looks and "Oh my God you haven't seen that?"s from. Friends, cousins, strangers, siblings, parents, babies and cats alike have given me a hard time for not having seen "The Godfather." And soon I will have seen it.

So screw all of you.

PS I guess I should see "Evil Dead" now.


Chris S. said...

Latching onto Geoff's premise (but not Alex's -- well, you know), I get violent reactions when otherwise-friendly nerds find out I've never seen the two sequels to "Lord of the Rings," read or seen any "Harry Potter" societal contribution, or spent any money on the three most recent "Star Wars" movies.

Don't let the pocket protectors fool you; those dweebs are not slow to rip off an ear.

Marlon Brando said...

Do yourself a favor and never, ever, EVER watch Godfather 3.

brian said...

No, now you should see "The Godfather, Part 2."

Alex said...

Evil Dead 3 is better.

Seriously, I was totally unimpressed by both Godfathers (Never seen the 3rd).

Although 2 is much, much better.

Francis Ford Coppola said...

Alex is right. I suck at directing movies.

Alex said...

I never said that you were a bad director, Francis.

However, your wine is fucking awful.

Anonymous said...

The Godfather was filmed in my friend Pat's house right here on Staten Island I had a tough time when I went to see it. It was like watching Pat's family movies but they were all acting like mobsters from the forties and didn't look anything at all like Pat and his family. Then again I can see Al Pacino as his brother Bobby. The part where Sonny is frisking the maid was right outside of Pat's bedroom. Very strange.


Anonymous said...

"Leonard Parts I - V"? Forget it. Leonard Part Six? 'Nard 6'is the SHEEE-aht!


brian said...

Um..and yes, never watch "The Godfather Part 3."