Monday, August 08, 2005


Yesterday, the Cubs played the Mets. The pitching match-up was Carlos Zambrano vs. Victor Zambrano. Zambrano vs. Zambrano. Neat huh?

Wait though. They both threw right-handed. Big deal, right?

They're both from Venezuela.

They both wear #38 on their uniforms.

They're both pitchers who switch-hit, which I don't think I've EVER seen before.

They both had the same number of career wins going into the game.

It is my belief that this was the SAME MAN PITCHING FOR BOTH SIDES. Scandal!

PS The only difference between the two was that Victor pitched much better and the Mets won.


Anonymous said...

And, both play for teams with four letter nicknames! Cubs (short for Cubberbockers) and Mets (short for Methamphetamines)!

Anonymous said...

So that's the full nickname for the Mets! I always wondered why Darryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden played for them.