Monday, August 08, 2005

Me So Hungry

I just thought everybody should know, that in an effort to save money, last night I made myself 6 individual lunches, and 6 individual dinners. Each tupperware was filled with the utmost care. As I was having breakfast, I thought, "I should put them in my bag." Then, as I was putting stuff in my bag, I thought, "I should put them in my bag."

Then I left the house, got on the subway, read a passage in my book about people eating lunch, and realized I had not packed any of the twelve individual meals I made.

Now they rot.

I just thought you should all know about this.


Anonymous said...

me so hungry too . . . i didn't pack a lunch, but my lunch-date just bumped my 1:00 lunch to 2:00. i'm SOSOSO hungry, i could eat tupperware, raw. posting this comment took a little bit of the edge off my appetite . . . thanks alex!

Chris S. said...

You should have put them in your bag.