Monday, September 12, 2005

Back From Seattle

I swear, nothing gets you back in the New York state of mind quite like The Bee Gee's "More Than A Woman" at full volume as you're exiting the airplane at 7am.

Many tales of Seattle will be told this week, but I just wanted to thank Val and John and all the rest of the Seattle SketchFest organizers. We had a freaking great time, and you put together an awesome Fest. Cheers!

Also thanks to Flaming Box, Becky and Noelle, Animal Club, Ten West, Prank The Dean, Caitlin, Neal and Dave for being awesome. Awesome!


Monica said...

and thanks to dusty for letting us trash his place and also entertaining us with his fart machine, player piano and merry go round.

Alex said...

FYI, the above are SPOILERS for my upcoming video slideshow of our trip.

John said...

No problem. You guys are wonderful guests! I hope to see you all soon.