Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Wherein 80% of the Haggerty children were online at the same time and entered an AIM chatroom. Here are a few snippets. And don't make fun of our screen names...yours are probably worse.

Call Yo O - Geoff Haggerty
HiggityHaggs2 - Ian Haggerty
Quintessentials - Tristan Haggerty
XShorTieCheL - Chelsea Haggerty

Call Yo O: Four of us online at once? That's weird.
Quintessentials: are we finally gonna kill the parents
HiggityHaggs2: happy birthday mom, now you must die!
Call Yo O: Well, that wasn't my purpose...but now that you mention it.
Call Yo O: Yeah, we should kill mom AND dad
Quintessentials: i'm 2 steps ahead of you
Call Yo O: Oh. Good.
Call Yo O: Less work for me.
HiggityHaggs2: confrence over?
Quintessentials: so now i'm gonna need some garbage bags
Call Yo O: Whattya want me to do, EMAIL them to you?

XShorTieCheL: well i must be going i have a bus to catch
Call Yo O: Bus well babe.
HiggityHaggs2: see you at work loser
Quintessentials: have some lazy, hazy crazy days of summer
HiggityHaggs2: and Geoff is the only one who didnt get it tris
XShorTieCheL: bye bye
XShorTieCheL has left the room.
Quintessentials: its about time smarty was left out of the loop
Call Yo O: ...
HiggityHaggs2: stupid Geoff and his "smartness"
Call Yo O: Hey, I've had zero schooling in almost two years now.
Call Yo O: I'm getting dumber.
HiggityHaggs2: haha
Quintessentials: me too
Call Yo O: I STILL don't even know what you're talking about.
HiggityHaggs2: its the song that gets played at the end of our games
Call Yo O: That'll be Mom's present. Finally tell her you dropped out, Tris
Quintessentials: 5 times in a row
Quintessentials: haha i never even joined
Quintessentials: let alone dropped out
HiggityHaggs2: good call
Call Yo O: Oh, I get it now.
Call Yo O: Yeah, that would be the best present a son could give.
Quintessentials: the gift of dependence

Quintessentials: when i hit it big i'm gonna buy her and dad both ridiculous cars and then move to africa to hunt lions and tigers
Call Yo O: That second part has nothing to do with loving your parents.
Quintessentials: but at least i'll leave them something before i die
HiggityHaggs2: good point

Quintessentials: i'm gonna go punch a toddler
HiggityHaggs2: as you should
Call Yo O: We never said you shouldn't.
Quintessentials: yea but you look at me weird everytime i do
Call Yo O: That's just cuz you never do it hard enough.
HiggityHaggs2: cause you cry afterwards
Call Yo O: There's no crying in punching toddlers
Quintessentials: i cry afterwards....because i dont hit hard enough
HiggityHaggs2: then hit harder dumby
Call Yo O: Yeah, you total idiot.
HiggityHaggs2: jeeze, no wonder mom and dad picked you to be the middle child


WB said...

23 Nash Street:

Wherein 67% of residents were watching TV this afternoon.

Here are some snippets:

Me: Hey, have you seen my keys?
Nick: Yeah, I think they're on the kitchen counter.
Me: Oh yeah, here they are. Thanks dude.

Nick: I'm going to the grocery store. Do you need anything?
Me: Actually, yeah, would you mind picking up some OJ?
Nick: No problem man.
Me: Cool, thanks.

Neal K said...

I enjoy the fact that Geoff left out one letter from his screenname. Afraid of online stalkers??????/