Thursday, September 22, 2005

Compulsive Thoughts

I tell ya, when you are walking down the street holding a baseball bat on your way to/from your first softball game of the year, all you can think of is what you want you could be hitting as hard as you can! For example:

-light posts!
-anything made out of glass!
-people! (not in the face...I pictured that, no good. Probably the gut.)
-pregnant people! (worst one)
-garbage cans!
-trees! (probably the least satisfying target)

Just so you know, I didn't actually hit any of these things.


Anonymous said...

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Geoffrey said...

I think it's safe to say this blogspammer has effectively pre-empted any and all conversation about hitting things with baseball bats.

Anonymous said...

Were you successful in hitting the softball?

Monica said...

i tell ya, last night I departed the same softball game as geoff carrying my baseball mit and was thinking of all the things I could catch with it. For example:
-light posts (that geoff has knocked over)
- glass from the headlights/windsheids/glass things (that geoff has shattered)
- babies (that pregnant women are delivering because geoff hit them with a baseball worries, the babies are fine, I have soft hands)

Just so you know, I only caught three babies on the way home.

Alex said...

I do the same thing with my tripod!

Is that worse? Because you're not SUPPOSED to hit anything with your tripod?

Answer: Yes.

Geoffrey said...

If by "hit" you mean "ground to the left-side twice," then yes. I reached safely both times however, on an error and an infield hit.

Also, when I said I didn't actually hit any of those things? I was lying. I hit three pregnant women!

Lil' Kim said...

Some bitch hit me with a bat during exercise time. So I shivved her. I shivved her good. Prison!