Thursday, September 22, 2005

Big Pimpin'

So this morning, due to horrible snafus on the 4 line, I was forced into taking the J train for the first time in my life. Which, despite no evidence to support this belief, I thought would be exciting.

Weirdly enough it was. Though the train was the same basic beat-up train found all over the system, the station was really cavernous with very high ceilings...quite unlike most subway stations I've encountered. It seemed very old-timey, and thus dirty. Kinda like the old abandonned pneumatic train station through which the River of Slime flowed in Ghostbusters 2. Yes, I just made a comparison using Ghostbusters 2 as a point of reference. I even like it better than Ghostbusters 1. So there.

Another fun fact about the J: rapper Jay-Z chose his name as an homage to the J/Z line, as he is from Brooklyn. For completeness sake, I believe he should call himself Jay-Em-Z, but every time I bring it up to him at the 40/40 club, he just laughs it off. Gimme a break, Young Hov'!

PS Wanna know too much about the M line? Here.


Chris S. said...
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Chris S. said...

Since Ghostbusters is my favorite comedy movie of all time, (hence my profile pic), and Ghostbusters 2 never happened, I hereby declare Geoff a comedy heretic.

It's too bad, y'know, because he's, like, really funny and stuff.

christopher said...

For the record, I stronly discourage provoking a Ghostbusters debate with Geoff.

This is for your own safety, Serico.

Chris S. said...

(Slowly putting the proton beam down... backing away from the trap...)