Monday, September 26, 2005

Eat It, Unicorn Hatas

Yeah, you heard me. I've had, like, fifteen different conversations about how Unicorns really aren't as popular as I made them out to be in my seminal Sketch Comedy Hot List post.

Well, according to the new issue of New York Magazine, Unicorns are the #3 thing New Yorkers are joking about right now, after Hurricane Katrina and Backroom abortions. Ha!

Would my point be devalued if I told you that, though it isn't credited, they were quoting me on the Unicorns? And the Hurricane Katrina thing, but that's less to the point.

On an unrelated, not-worthy-of-its-own-post topic, Cheers to Chris Principe & Jeff Solomon for playing "Smart Girl" at Non-Stop Rock Block on Saturday, and making me laugh so hard I literally felt like my eyeballs were going to pop out. Cheers to you, fellas!


baz said...

i stand by my comments in seattle- unicorns are so five minutes ago.

gay dragon rape is where it's at.