Monday, September 26, 2005

Plot Question

Hey, I was curious if anyone knew what this mini-series "Human Trafficking" is about? I keep seeing posters for it, but really, it could be about anything. I just want to have a sense of what the plot is, you know.

I haven't been this confused since Snakes on a Plane! And that hasn't even come out yet!


Monica said...

its a 'saga about the international sex trade' for Lifetime. Mira Sorvino plays a New york Immigration and Customs enforcement agent attemping to rescue victims of a trafficking ring.

Alex said...

Then why is it called "Snakes on a Plane?"

baz said...

mira sorvino's customs agent character is a talking milk snake. and she takes planes to places. duh.

baz said...

oh, wait. i guess that would be "a snake on planes". nevermind.

Anonymous said...

International sex trade? On Lifetime?!

Are you sure they don't mean "International Mom Hair Trade'? Or "Nancy McKeon's Stolen Babies Trade?" Or "Tracy Gold's Puke & Cry Again trade"?

-Jordi (Binge Drinkin' To Get Into That Cool Date Rape Sorority) Trade