Thursday, September 29, 2005

Grumpy Computer Related Post

I guess this might just me being a pretentious asshole, but I shouldn't have to explain to someone that you don't need to install websites on your computer in order to use them.

To a lesser extent, I also don't think I should need to explain that:

- Your e-mail can have nicknames, just like you have nicknames. And they in fact work the same way. Meaning, if you have three nicknames for your e-mail, it doesn't mean you have three different e-mail addresses. Similarly, just because you can call me Alexander, Alex, or Al, it doesn't mean I'm three people. At the very least, I shouldn't have to come up with more than the previous example to explain myself.

- If you've just tried to connect to the internet, and I've said, "Well, I'd need to set you up properly to connect to the internet," and then you say, "Don't worry about it, you can set it up later," you should probably not get confused when I explain you can't check the internet until I set it up for you when you immediately try to get onto the internet. That just seems to be basic story comprehension to me.

...and yet, all of these things have happened to me today.

Realted: Yes, I realize there's already a series of SNL sketches about this.

[Ed Note: When I spellchecked this entry, blogger wanted to replace "asshole" with "Ashley." Take that, Ashleys.]


mjs said...

can i really call you al?

Alex said...

One could. But they should not.

brian said...

No it's not pretentious, Zalbenator. There are a lot of abstract concepts in the desktop metaphor that people take a while to pick up on. Especially if they're old.

Also this is why I don't support end users. You shouldn't either. Just tell them to STFU and RTFM (in no particular order.)