Thursday, September 29, 2005


Saw a commercial for this and barfed for fifteen hours.

While I find efforts on the part of other fast food chains toward health and fitness disingenuous, I don't support the MEAT'NORMOUS! Omelet Sandwich one bit.

Other quick notes:
-I like how the picture of the sandwich on the website slowly fades in, as if we can't take seeing all that meat right away. Very dramatic.
-looking at the "word" MEAT'NORMOUS, I think of pagan demons. I dunno why, I just do.

Speaking of MEAT, they do a very funny sketch about this. Just thought I'd mention.


Anonymous said...

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Unrelated to meat or MEAT said...

I am a traditionally anonymous EL blog commenter who has become exasperated by the veritable cock tease of potentially reading a post's comments (which provide nearly as much enjoyment as the posts themselves) only to find they are the product of some malicious SPAM generator.

Just wanted to let EL know: this Anonymous would gladly relinquish the privilege of commenting to avoid future SPAM.

With enduring affection,


Anonymous said...


on my way to work today, i saw a spanish language billboard for the meatnormous. it was a picture of the sandwich and the words "ENTRE PANES". i thought you might appreciate that.

-baz is at work