Friday, September 23, 2005

Keep Me On Hold, Please

Man, this is the worst. I'm on hold with a liquor store in Nashville called Frugal MacDoogal, which is pretty hilarious in and of itself.

Anyway, they have the radio as their hold music, which is currently playing Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is," which is awesome. But they keep taking me off hold! So I'm only hearing it in five-ten second chunks.

Would it be rude to say, "Can you please put me back on hold for three minutes?" And then continue my business?


brian said...

Ok, why you are calling liquor stores in Nashville?

Anonymous said...

(Jordi Says):

It's not quite hold music, but at McDonald's the other day, I knocked an old lady aside (horribly and acidentally) to get closer to a speaker playing a song I love (that I don't have. I wanted to hear the lyrics so I could find it). I was in line at the I was kind of on hold (the lettuce!)

I'm such a boob.