Monday, September 12, 2005

My Mother

's birthday is today! She turns 36* this very day!

Happy Birthday Mom!

*For those of you, concerned about that math, my mother has been on a birthday loop for some time, turning 36, 37, 38 then back to 36 again as the years have gone on. How many times has she completed this loop? I'll leave that for you to guess. I've already said too much.


Alex said...

My guess is, this is the first time she's been on that loop. So she's 39.

Geoffrey said...

Man does my Mom love Alex right now.

mjs said...

my mom decided at 35 that from then on she was going backwards. i was totally taken in by this, but my older sister (who later attended MIT for some math stuff that i still can't even name) was not fooled. my younger sister wasn't around yet, so no word on how she would've responded.

happy birthday, mrs. haggerty!