Monday, September 12, 2005

My Brother

is on TV!

The New York Yankees cable network, YES (Yankees Entertainment & Sports for the practical, Yankees Every Second for the cynical) has come up with a reality show called "YES' Ultimate Road Trip." The idea of this show is that four Yankee fans are plucked from their everyday lives and flown and out to every single Yankee game in 2005. And videotaped.

I'm sure you're thinking, "Wow, that is shamelessly self-promotional, and probably boring even to baseball fans after about a week." You're right. So they add little reality show cliches to it, like having them each write a song and win prizes for who made the best song. You know. Horrible stuff.

What is NOT horrible is that my oldest younger brother, Ian, makes a sizable appearance on "YES' Ultimate Road Trip" this week. In it, he takes the fearless four on a tour of Richmond County Bank Ballpark, the home of the team he works for, the Staten Island Yankees.

Not only does he do a tremendous job showing them around, showing off his tremendous baseball knowledge, he even cajoles a groundskeeper to let one of the contestants on the show drive around in a groundskeeping ATV of some sort. I feel like I should know what they are called. Anyway, Ian is great.

Because the YES network doesn't have much programming, this thing will be replayed ad infinitum this week. First chance to check it out is tonight at 7pm. Other times listed here.