Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Three

Yesterday: Found a cell-phone at a train station. Received a call on found cell phone two minutes later from its owner, a cab driver. Returned cell phone.

Today: Received a call from a cab driver, who found my friend Adam's cell phone. Gave Adam cab driver's information to get cell phone returned.

Tomorrow: Become a cab driver. Lose my cell phone and call myself to return it. Process takes 15 seconds.


Anonymous said...

I've lost and found cell phones too. There's nothing creepier than being called from your own cell phone. It's a quasi-out-of-body experience, mediated by technology of course.

Adam "Adam" Rokhsar said...

Today: Retrieved lost cellphone from taxi driver in street hand-off.

Tomorrow: Steal Geoff's cellphone. Give to taxi driver as way of thanks. Ignore Geoff's cries of injustice.

The Day After Tomorrow: Continue ignoring Geoff's cries of injustice. Get killed by suddden global climate change.