Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cheese Slice of Life

I don't necessarily want to make any quality judgements about another person's life, but I will.

I think things have hit rock-bottom if you're getting visibly upset that Subway isn't giving you an extra two slices of cheese for free, complaining that you "can't eat that sandwich."

I want to also stress that this is not a situation where this person was me. This was an entirely seperate guy who has reduced his life to complaining about cheese slices at a chain sandwich shop.

There was a large part of me that wished I could take his hand and say, "Wait. Come with me. There is more than this," and fly him over a rainbow to a world of adventure.

Instead, I got physically uncomfortable and paid as quickly as I could.


Anonymous said...

I think you're missing the point. The reason I got so upset about not getting the cheese was the unyielding nature of the Subway organization. What, they have board meetings deciding that each slice of cheese be counted so that an extra slice here and there will be traced down to the culprit/worker who generously divvied out more than the board has certified. You can see the fear in the sandwich makers eyes as he fights the urge to be human. He knows they will find out and fire his ass. It smacks of fascism.

And besides it does make for a lousy sandwich. I want more cheese. Lunchtime is one of the rare times when I...


You couldn't have seen me.

I was someplace else.


christopher said...

Hey now.

I'm sorry, but any bashing of Subway sandwiches or the Subway Corporation in general will simply not be tolerated on this website.

Subway is a wonderful, noble, benvolent entity which Elephant Larry loves, totally and completely.


Chris S. said...

Hear, hear, Anonymous. You speak for the hungry among us.

More cheese. Always more with the cheese.