Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Frail Commoner

I was just googling phobias for a piece I probably won’t get to post until tomorrow. I thought I found a somewhat reliable medical source which, fortunately enough, mentioned kinemortophobia in the very first paragraph:

Phobias are exaggerated or irrational fears. For example, agoraphobia is the fear of wide-open spaces. It is rational to fear a wide-open space during a hailstorm in which the hail is the size of golf balls. It is irrational to fear wide-open spaces on a warm sunny day. With kinemortophobia (fear of the Undead), it is rational to fear a 20th level Undead Vampire Cavalier, but it is irrational to fear a simple skeleton with 4 hit points (unless, of course, you are an unarmed, frail commoner with 2 hit points!)
And I suddenly realized I was in the world of Gaianar.

It did raises some interesting questions though: Would I be considered a frail commoner? How many hit points would I have? Would an Undead Vampire Cavalier befriend a simple skeleton?

You can click here to play the game.


baz said...

it's kind of related, and definitely something i would recommend:
kingdom of loathing: an adventurer is you!, the world's greatest online rpg.

i don't know about that frail commoner stuff, but in the KoL, you'd definately be a Turtle Tamer. Jerf would be an Accordion Theif. Alex, a Pastamancer, Geoff a Sauceror and Stefan a Disco Bandit.

christopher said...

Wow. That site is hilarious.

Chris -- Gaianar Designer said...

Cool... I'm glad you thought my site was funny. I tried writing a RPG that wasn't *too* serious. It's got even more monsters now too!

Chris Todd
Game Designer