Monday, October 10, 2005

Cranky Computer Post #427

Psyche! I'm home from work today! So the only person dealing with computers is me! And I'm AWESOME AT THEM!

On another note, I seem to be an idiot when it comes to mugs. I thought I was drinking coffee out of one of those mugs that reveals its pattern when you put hot liquid in it. Instead I may have melted the design off the front. It got all powdery and is coming off on my fingers.

Oopsie doodle!


Geoffrey said...

Once she calms down, that woman is going to regret her decision to hit her computer with a giant wooden mallet.

mjs said...

i can attest to alex having problems with mugs. one day, he was sweet enough to be pouring me a cup of coffee in his kitchen; the mug part broke off, leaving him holding a mug handle, surrounded by broken shards of pottery. it was amazing.

Anonymous said...

that woman is flexible. rrrrawr.

uncle touch

aka, dusty