Monday, October 10, 2005

The Snake Eats Its Own Alligator

I posted a link to this in an earlier comment, but I think it deserves its own post:

Click here if you want to see something terrible.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is an alligator busting through a python. I was going to post the actual picture, but it is horrendous. I don't even understand where the gator begins and where the python ends.

Don't worry, they both died.

Let's go Yankees!


Anonymous said...

that poor little alligator leg hanging down makes me want to cry

Anonymous said...

seriously, though...was the gator already dead, or something? i mean, how could this happen to a decent-sized alligator unless it was drunk or stoned or something. moral of the story: be high on LIFE, kids...or you WILL be eaten. partially.

baz said...

i rather enjoyed the bbc's caption of the photo:

"The python tried to swallow the alligator whole and then exploded."

also, damn! that's some fancy word verification font action you guys have going on today.

Anonymous said...

I have a severe phobia of snakes. SEVERE. I can't look at pictures of them...or even drawings. While I was working in a record store, a guy came in wearing a floor length snakeskin coat and when I saw him, I mumbled "I'm sorry I can't help you", ran away and hid in the back room until my co-workers assured me he was gone. I'm terrified of CGI snakes and the snake from The Jungle Book. I cheered when it looked like Pee Wee Herman was going to let the snakes die in the pet shop fire (of course, I covered my eyes when he changed his mind). What's my point besides I hate snakes?

THANK YOU for not actually posting picture. THANK YOU SO MUCH I've been avoiding it since it came out and am scared of any forward I get called: "HEY! LOOK AT THIS!" I'm scared I'm going to "run into it" at some point.

Snakes....why did it have to be snakes?

Anonymous said...

Did you hear the one about the snake that swallowed the cat?,0,3067705.story?coll=orl-home-headlines

Anonymous said...

friends, there is awesome, there is totally awesome, and then there is that.