Friday, October 21, 2005

Giant Rat

In case this isn't a universal concept, let me explain. In NYC, whenever there's a union strike, usually of construction, there's a giant inflatable rat placed across the street from the site to indicate that the company in question is, in fact, giant rats.

For me, its been ineffective, as giant balloons=thanksgiving day parade=fun, and so I get excited whenever I see one.

As I walked back from getting coffee this morning, it turns out there's one on the sidewalk outside my apartment building! Hooray!

I also had this thought, which is very anti-union, so sorry, but wouldn't it be funny if the companies had an even larger blow-up cat, that they would place across the street from the giant rat? And then a third company could have a giant inflatable dog that could be placed down the street from the cat and the rat. So when you saw what was going on, you could be all like, "Uh-oh. In about a block there's gonna be some trouble!"

Companies, feel free to use these ideas.


Anonymous said...

And then down the street from the dog, there can be a giant inflatable Vietnamese restaurant...

WordsSayNothing said...

They've done the giant rat thing up here in Ithaca as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I didn't think rodents of unusual sizes existed!

- Babish