Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A History Of Violence

Not fneh!

Pretty damn intense, and worth every penny. Even though the guy wouldn't let me bring my Subway sandwich into the movie theater so I had to house a footlong Italian BMT, bag of SunChips and a Cherry Coke in five minutes, I enjoyed myself thoroughly. And the seats sucked.

Also not fneh:

Serenity - Saw it with Mr. Zalben after BOOM Saturday night, on the recommendation of Chris and my Mom, who never agree on anything...until Serenity!

The Graduate - Got it on NetFlix. Now I finally get Wayne's World 2!


christopher said...

If you liked A History Of Violence, check this out.

Wuh-oh! Ding Dong! Yoinks!

...i feel so empty.

Alex said...

Geoff has neglected to mention that we didn't watch most of Serenity because we were busy making out!

Wuh-oh! Ding Dong! Yoinks!