Thursday, October 13, 2005


Hey, I know we don't like to do these "ask the blog" things, but what would you like to hug more:

- Babies
- A Rainbow
- God

For me, I find that if I hug a baby in a rainbow snuggly, its almost as if I AM hugging God.

Happy Yom Kippur, everybody!


Anonymous said...

If you hug a baby that has been eating skittles, there could potentially be a rainbow involved. I'm just saying.

Ayelle said...

If there are any fellow LJers out there reading this blog -- I created a syndicated feed on LiveJournal for the site at

That's all!
--Amy Lee B.

christopher said...

Awesome. Thanks, Amy!

a. costello said...

It depends on what type of hug it is. My answer would be different if it's just a friendly hug or the type of hug that's going to lead to some fucking.