Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Officially Sick

Ladies and gents, I's gots an upper respiratory tract infection.

Yes despite my denial, laziness and general commitment to the status quo, I went to the doctor today. All it took was my voice half-disappearing to motivate me. Hooray for machismo!

So now I get prescribed some antibiotics, like I got last year for my strep throat. And if last year is any indication, everyone who hears about this will tell me: "Make sure you don't stop taking the antibiotics before you're done." To which I will respond, "Oh, do I look really stupid?"

I assume that happens a lot, people feeling better then stopping their antibiotics, or else people wouldn't remind me so freaking often to not stop. But don't worry about me. I'm not THAT dumb.

Time to watch some NewsRadio (via Alex)!


Anonymous said...

i apologize. It was probably due to coming to my wet and rainy wedding. Once again I'm sorry.