Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What Are You Excited For?

I think as time goes on, there are less things that I get totally jazzed for. This may be because of getting burned by negative experiences, or having them taint my positive feelings. It might also be a jaded New York thing. Or, it could be a growing up thing. Or it could be depression!

Probably not though.

Things I used to be excited about, but not so much anymore:

- Summer Movie Season.
- Awards Shows.
- Broadway/Off-Broadway Theater.
- TV Shows.
- The Senior Prom.

The last one I do still get excited about, but people have just stopped asking me to go, so...

In any case, I do find that when I do get super excited for something now, it better darn-well deliver. Things recently that have completely delivered:

- Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit
- Spelling Bee (The Musical)

I do realize these are all entertainment focused things, but regardless. I guess my point is that I've gotten excited for specific things, rather than entire fields of things.

So, Blog. What Are You Excited For?


Anonymous said...

every year i get excited about winter mardi gras a.k.a. thanksgiving eve on staten island and it ALWAYS TOTALLY RULES.

also, here is that mcsweeneys article i am always babbling about.



Geoffrey said...

I was excited for "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" and "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."

Those didn't work out so great.

Jeff said...

I misinterpreted this post's title and thought you were about to rant on about people being excited for no reason. "What the hell are you so excited for???" Etc.

But, um, I'm excited about too many movies coming out right now, so I'm bound to be disappointed.

But I totally agree on W&G:TCOTW-R. That was amazing.

Jay said...

Last night, I was very excited for the first episode of The Colbert Report. And it fully delivered and was everything I hoped it would be.

christopher said...

Less than a month...

Caitlin said...

shoes. duh. what else do girls get excited for?

but i also get excited for having enough money to buy comic books, and hallowe'en.

Neal K said...

As I became addicted to Civ3 this year (There was even a sketch where I played a character (myself) that talked about nothing other than Civ3 strategy), I am obviously very exciting for Civilization 4.

Watch out Babylon, Neal's comin' ta getchya little punk society.

Also Zelda: Twilight Princess, Newsradio Season 3 on DVD (don't know when), buying a toaster oven and moving to Vancouver.

Chris S. said...

Very excited for:

• The Sopranos (2006) - Come ONNNNNNN already!

• Yankees spring training (2006) - Featuring a roster costing an estimated $2.6 billion

• Spidey 3 (2007) - But it'll never top 1 and 2, especially since a "Wings" cast member is involved)

• My marriage to Kate Bosworth (2009) - Although she's more excited about it than I am

Biz and/or Jordi said...

Ted and I are going to Australia in January to see my family....where I'll fight a Great White with my bare hands and then use the shark as a surfboard.

And Ted can meet my Grandma!