Friday, October 14, 2005

The Refrain And The Chorus Of A Song Parody

To the tune of Hanson's "Mmmbop":

Hey Tony! Use your knees and your elbows!
Tony Ja-a! (oh yeah) Hit their throats with your elbows!
Hey there Tony! Use each and every joint ya know!
Tony Tony! Lift both your knees up into his nooooooooo-ho-hose!
Say use your knees and your elbows!
Use your wrists!
And your neck!
Yeah yeah!

Ong-bak! Ba duba doo-bop,
Ong-bak! Knees and elbows,
Ong-bak! Ba duba doo-bop doooo!
Yeah yeah!
Ong-bak! Ba duba doo-bop,
Ong-bak! Thai Warrior,
Ong-bak! Ba duba doo-bop doooo!

Pertinent facts:
-"Ong-bak" is a martial arts movie.
-Tony Jaa is the star of "Ong-bak."
-Tony Jaa uses his elbows and knees a lot in "Ong-bak."
-The part of the Hanson song I'm going for is the "Can you tell me? You say you can but you don't know" part. And the chorus, obviously.
-"Ong-bak"'s subtitle is "The Thai Warrior."
-I know squeezing Thai Warrior into that part is a bit of a stretch...sorry.
-I've never seen Ong-bak.


mjs said...

mary and i ended up singing a hilarious mmm-bop parody last night. i can't remember what it was about, but it probably involves thursday evening television - specifically CSI. mary, dear, a little help, please?

mary said...

i deny ever singing mmm-bop. my metal-core would not allow such a thing. that is all.

(but marni, seriously, i don't remember why we were doing that. but i do remember that it WAS very funny...)

mjs said...

i am sorry to have put out into the universe that mary had any part of this.

in our defense, we DID eat an entire pizza. with FIVE toppings.