Friday, October 14, 2005


This is via Mr. Jack Kukoda, he of Church Basement and Pigloo fame:

So don't bother asking or judging me for getting
Jurassic Park 3 from Netflix. I happened to catch the
original on TNT the other night and thought, "Hey, I'd
like to see another action movie where dinosaurs eat
people." Anyway, attached is a photo of the
description on the jacket accompanying the DVD. Is it
just me or is it pretty bizarre? Does netflix screen
the people who write these blurbs? Did some smartass
college kids write this? Or a film geek ironically
gushing about this shitty movie? Weird, right? I
thought so. Your thoughts?

Here is the photo in question:

And I'll tell you what I told Jack: there is no shame in JP3. It is a totally solid action flick that is enjoyed very much by my recurring real-life Vladimir Nabokov character. But that's a blogpost of a different color!



christopher said...

I don't read the netflix synopses anymore. Yeah, some are quirky and weird like JP3, but a lot of times they just totally give away the end of the movie. Quirky movie-spoiling jerks.

Alex said...

Jurassic Park 3 is better than the first two movies. It is teh haxx0r.