Wednesday, October 05, 2005

San Francisco Solomania

Attention Jerf fans!

The lovely Mr. Solomon has departed for the lovely west coast this week, and his first-ever Bay Area performance is tonight. San Franciscans, mark those calendars. International jetsetters, fuel those international jets:

3225 22nd St, San Francisco
(415) 647-2888

Tonight, October 5th @ 9 PM - $6 tix

Also performing: stand-up Brent Weinbach & The Joel Murach Band!


brian said...

I will be jet-setting over. The bridge. In my car.

brian said...

or maybe not, since parking in The Misson is teh suxxor.

Anonymous said...

Brian: Since my jet is in the shop, you are going to have to take over my duties as #1 groupie. I hope you're prepared to throw at least one undergarment on the stage. Oh, and don't forget your sharpie.

-Jeff's #1 groupie

brian said...

Well Jeff's #1 groupie, If I need to bring a sharpie and extra underwear I'm definitely driving. That and BART stops at midnight. Stupid BART.

(Oh and by parking I meant "(insert euphemism here) in the back seat." Not to be confused with parking as "finding a place to leave my car.")