Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Spooktacular Work Environment

So my work is DECKED OUT for Halloween. We have:

-gigantic spiderwebs covering entire walls
-a huge inflatable Grim Reaper door frame with glowing red eyes and a sheet over the air generator(?) with a ghost face drawn on it
-a skeletal bride/groom combo on the time clock
-a mirror with skulls on it that laughs at you
-a skull popping out of a log
-a candy dish with a skull on it that runs away when you try to grab candy and laughs at you (my favorite)
-huge Batman symbols everywhere
-non-stop Halloween music, including the theme from Psycho, theme from Ghostbusters, theme from Jaws and theme from X-Files.

All of which amounts to a genuinely spooky experience, and one that I find a bit troubling at a day program for the developmentally disabled. But what do I know? Happy Halloween!


christopher said...

No decorations in my office. Though I have been using a lot of orange colored post it notes around my desk. That's been kind of unintentionally festive.

Chris S. said...

What about the theme from Ghostbusters II?

Ya, ya, ya know it!