Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Spooky Female Singing Celebrities

Oh, Halloween.

  • Mariah Scarey
  • Janet Hack-son
  • Britney Fears
  • Jes-sick-a Skin-son
  • Kill-y Clarkson
  • Madonna


Chris S. said...

I like this game. Reminiscent of the end credits for The Simpsons' Halloween specials.

How about...

Anvil Lavigne
Shirley "Manson" Manson
Christina I-Kill-Sara
Scary Underwood
Christina Kill-Yan
Janis Chop-lin
Sc(ee)are! Ahhh!
(Oof... that's a stretch)
Kill-ary Duff
Wretched Wilson
Joan "Ozzy" Osborne
Sin-di Lop-her
Lauryn Kill, Faith Kill, Kill Scott
Martina McCorpse Bride
Terror McLachlan
Blonde Lindsay Lohan

K said...

Pussycat Ghouls? Eh? EH?

K said...

Also, I can't believe nobody came up with The Killers.

Chris S. said...

Ah, good one with The Killers, but while Brandan Flowers is a sensitive man, he does not fall into the category of "Female Singing Celebrities."

And yes, I'm obnoxious.

Chris S. said...

And also, I can't spell Brandon right on the first attempt. (Weeping)

K said...

Wait, The Killers arent girls???

Ha ha?

I feel it fulfills the spirit of the joke.

um, Aretha Franklinstein?