Thursday, October 20, 2005

World Series!!!

The Fall Classic! The Baseball Finals as it's not known! The Chicago White Sox vs. The Houston Astros!

All right, all right, White Sox vs. Astros is boring. Reasons to watch anyway:

1) Roger Clemens is 42 and the best pitcher in baseball.
2) Roy Oswalt is amazing.
3) The White Sox pitchers threw four complete games in a row in the ALCS, which is ridiculous.
4) Contreras and El Duque vs. Clemens and Pettitte! Find out which pair of ex-Yankee pitchers will win the World Series and make Geoff grumble for what might have been!
5) Rumor has it some hitters will be showing up. I don't know any of their names.

I'm rooting for the White Sox, for some reason.


Chris S. said...

Other point of note: Oswalt -- who plays home games in Texas, mind you -- pronounces his last name "Ohz-walt," not "Ahz-walt," which would sound eerily like a man in Texas connected to the assassination of JFK.

God said...

i say drench those sox in blood

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps a betadine wound-sterilizing solution, like the one on curt schilling's sock.