Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Weird. I didn't know it was blog-about-blogs day. But I do happen to have a blog-related post!

And here it is.

Jennifer Convertibles has a blog. I included the link, but really, don't click on it. It's stupid stupid dumb stupid.

...What?? Why?! All they do is make couches! Is their blog there just so people can go online and say that they like Jennifer Convertibles' couches?

Yes, it turns out- that's exactly what it's for.

Why would someone feel the need to tell other Jennifer Convertibles fans (FANS!? of a couch maker?!) how much they like Jennifer Convertibles? Grar.

Also - the blog's not even attached to their (crap) website. That kinda thing might be okay for sketch comedy groups, but if you're a big sofa manufacturer, one would think that your blog (which should not freaking exist) would at least be integrated into your site, and not exist as an MSN group.

This is unacceptable, and, and... unconscionable, and, and... dumb and... stuff.


Alex said...

I read this:

"..What?? Why?! All they do is make couches!"

as this:

"...What?? Why?! All they do is snake couches!"

I've been thinking about snakes a lot lately.