Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fun Game For You To Play

This one’s only really fun on two conditions:

a) You’re somewhat indifferent/unknowledgeable when it comes to professional sports.

b) You’re friends with someone who is passionate/ridiculously knowledgeable when it comes to professional sports.

Here’s how to play:

1) Read a recent article in the sports section of the paper. If you can force yourself to read the whole section, even better.

2) Find your sports friend. Begin talking to them. Casually steer the conversation towards professional sports, particularly towards the subject matter of the article you just read.

3) Speak naturally and confidently, using the facts you’ve read in your article as part of an “argument,” should you chose to make one. If you can pretend to care about what you’re saying, even better.

4) See how long you last before your friend calls you out for the non-sports-loving pussy that you are.

That’s it! But be warned: the game has a pretty short shelf-life. Unless your friend is stupid, they'll probably figure out what's going on after one or two go-arounds. But it can still fun. Some variations:

~Sometimes, Geoff and I have “sports talks” with me trying to say facts, and Geoff either smiling or wincing depending how good I’m doing. Kind of like the Warm/Cold game, but the hidden prize is a tolerable conversation between friends.

~If it’s a group of guys who are talking sports, see if you can toss a comment into the mix without getting looks or groans.

~Ask a group of sports friends to have a heated, though very, very basic sports conversation so you can keep up. Surprisingly, hardcore sports fans really enjoy doing this. They’ll probably be making fun of you in the process, but that’s okay; you probably won’t even realize it.