Monday, November 07, 2005


I was going to post about this, but I got beat by The Animal Club's own MIke "Baz" Balzer.

All this journalist can do is apologize. In the course of researching the story, I got caught up in lunch and crossword puzzles. You deserve better, the readers of Elephant Larry's Group Blog. It will never happen again.

For the record, it IS hot, yes.


Chris S. said...

Putting the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders to shame! They're gonna have to step it up in Big D now.

This G-rated reenactment represents the action inside the stall or the fistfight thereafter. Reader's choice.

Speaking of reader's choice, check out this stat from ESPN as of a minute ago:

1. Cheerleaders charged after alleged sexual escapade - 4,239
2. T.O., Hugh Douglas engaged in fisticuffs - 252
3. Deerly departed: Man kills buck with bare hands - 228

Adam said...

This was Fox News' lead-off story last night. LEAD-OFF.

I believe it was introduced like this: "Two NFL cheerleaders caught in the shower together are arrested... and you'll never guess what they did next!!!"

Fox News: Bringing you Fair and Balanced Speculations about the Sexual Acts of Cheerleaders For Over Two Decades.

PS: Interestingly enough, if you typed "how old is fox news" into Google, these are the first phrases that pop up:

-"This is a 12-year-old girl, for crying out loud."

-However, the 15-year-old shadow warrior, Cal Geiser, was apparently just doing his...

-Selma Blair went to an old psychiatric hospital and put a live rat in her mouth.

-Since the Iraq conflict began on March 20, Fox News has been on a mission to legitimize it.

-How old is Fox News' Neil Cavuto? Because he writes like a child.

-And, after trying it out, America asked to have the old flavor back...

baz said...

thanks for the backup. i was hoping it was hot.
- mike "baz" "scoop" balzer

brian said...

Does this mean Fox News has cut back on their Oregon free speech coverage that ALWAYS leads with a clip of gyrating strippers?

baz said...

also, had the espn journalist written a more detailed article, maybe with some descriptions of the sexual escapade, you wouldn't have been so easily distracted by eating or entertaining your brain.

i mean really, what are the odds that an article about something that hot could be so bland? fneh®*!

*fneh is a registered trademark of PhantLar productions.