Monday, November 07, 2005



For some reason the use of machine guns and grenade launchers only enhances the pirate experience in my head. Probably because I'm imagining stereotypical eyepatch-wearing, pegleg-having, parrot-owning pirates with bandanas and earrings manning the artillery.



Adam said...

But did you pirates are easily thwarted by a "loud bang"?,,2087-1859626,00.html

Apparently grenades launches do not make the pirate. BALLS make the pirate.

Geoffrey said...

Adam Rokhsar: Tough on pirates. Tough on America.

This message paid for by Haggerty for Pirateking.

Chris S. said...


baz said...

you scooped me back! we of the shared mind, this morning. did someone break into your car and steal your stereo, too?

Geoffrey said...

No, Baz. I was the one who stole your stereo.

I can't believe you listen to Nickelback!

Anonymous said...

have you guys seen the pornographic video entitled 'Pirates'? Because I haven't yet, and I don't know why.

heart wink,

Alex said...

I'm probably going to say too much, but I was telling Stefan about the porno Pirates just yesterday*!

For anyone who hasn't, when you have a moment, try to find the trailer for it online, its seriously hilarious... Its the biggest budget porno of all time, basically Pirates of the Caribbean with awkwardly thrown in graphic sex. I laughed out loud at the trailer several times.

*It was about a month ago.

Murchie said...

So many questions....

1.) What the cruise line directed at them was apparently an LRAD acoustic denial device, which is actually a painful sound beam fired from a special, turreted dish. I thought this was only a DARPA secret weapon.

2.) The captain and crew immediately went into defensive maneuvers that included a phlegmatic attempt to *run over* armed pirates. These were entirely successful.

3.) Seaborne cruise lines is just a hugely suspicious name that suggests the corporate etablishments-of-convenience used by the CIA and others. (i.e. the Phoenix Foundation.)

4.) You know, just a cruise. Just cruisn' with our paid pleasure-travelin' passengers. Off of SOMALIA where MAJOR INTERNATIONAL AGENCIES have stopped humanitarian shipping due to the pirate threat.

So, you know, just move along. Just a, uh, pleasure cruise smokebombsfull ofmemoryerasingchemicals.